Trusted for generations

Around 75% of the world’s cricket bats are made from our willow.

As a modern company (with a proud history) our demand for excellence remains unmatched. We were described by ESPN as ‘the last of the craftsmen’.

Setting the standards

Trusted for generations by generations of landowners and cricket bat manufacturers alike, we set the standards for  integrity and professionalism in this wonderful, traditional industry.

We supply hundreds of thousands of blades each year

We typically plant 30,000 trees annually across Britain

We enjoy long-standing relationships with landowners

As long as the traditional game is leather on willow, we’ll be here. We do things professionally. We do things properly. We do things Wright.

After all, there’s no substitute for tradition.

Interested to find out more – contact us.

01245 361639 | jsw@cricketbatwillow.com

JS Wright & Sons are a reliable, quality-conscious and service-oriented partner.

Larter Anand, Director, Sanspareils Greenlands, India